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Goathland 39 Miles from Bridlington

Goathland is a lovely place to go and take a walk with a picnic, it is now famous as the setting of the fictional village of Aidensfield in the Heartbeat television series set in the 1960s. Fans of Heartbeat will not be disappointed by a visit to fictional Aidensfield, as many of the series landmarks are recognisable, including the stores, garage/funeral directors, the public house and the railway station.

In reality the pub is called the Goathland Hotel, but in the series is the Aidensfield Arms. After filming for some years in the real pub, a precise replica (complete to the morris dancers' "swords" on the wall) was built in the studio. It was often possible to see the stars of the show as filming for the series occurred throughout the week.

Some other regular settings in the series are located outside of the village. The police house can be found about 70 miles away in the small village of Askwith near Ilkley and the police station can be found in the town of Otley. This was a real police station in past years.

It was announced in New Year 2009 that filming of Heartbeat episodes would cease. 

Goathland railway station is on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It is a private charitable trust with a number of paid staff but mostly operated by volunteers, running nearly all the year including at Christmas. It carries upwards of 250,000 passengers a year and is the second-longest preserved line in Britain. It links Grosmont in the north with Pickering in the south. It follows the route of the 19th century line that originally connected to Whitby. From spring 2007 some trains on the railway are timetabled to run all the way to Whitby.

Goathland railway station has also been used as the location for Hogsmeade railway station in the Harry Potter films, and the line was filmed for Harry's journey.

The 70ft (21m) high Mallyan Spout can be reached by a footpath close to the Mallayan Spout Hotel

Roman Road - running north of Pickering to the Esk Valley, its origin and destination are unknown. Long considered Roman in date, this is now less certain although it may date towards the end of the Roman occupation. The original surface is generally present.

You will find a National Park Information Point at the Post Office. The owner will be happy to answer your enquiries about the National Park and advise you on walks in the area.

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